Land & Livestock Security

Land & Livestock Security in Blaine County, Idaho

There's a lot of land out there in Blaine County, Idaho. Periodic patrol of land and livestock is always a good thing. It not only protects the investment but also addresses many legal responsibilities.

Bullitt Security
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Our Equestrian Team

As we said, there's a lot of land out there! Covering it all isn't always possible on foot and frequently not even possible by vehicle.

That's why we deploy our equestrian team to patrol our customer's more remote areas. Our trackers can find signs that most ordinary people overlook.

Trained & Experienced

With years of experience and training from federal law enforcement organizations, we have a high rate of success, finding what we are looking for. If you have land and livestock, you know the list of issues can be long. Wayward hunters, campers, poachers and even people living on your land are but a few on that list. We will find them and take all the necessary steps to resolve each violation per your directives.

We patrol the land with patience, steadfastness, and diligence, which can be an advantage for you.