Private/Residential Security

Private Property & Residential Security in Blaine County, Idaho

There's no place like home, but we can’t stay home all the time. We are here to provide a level of security that will give you peace-of-mind.


Customer Preferences

Sometimes our customers just want to know somebody is watching over their home. Sometimes they need somebody to make sure the electricity is still on, and the water pipes haven't burst. Usually, it’s all of the above.

Security Vehicles

Our vehicles have the Bullitt Security shield on them, which identifies them as security vehicles. This gives a level of comfort to the residents enjoying their day and a level of discomfort for anybody with nefarious intentions.

We walk the grounds checking doors, windows and any point of entry that may have been compromised. All findings are documented and, if necessary, local law enforcement is notified immediately.

Condominium Complexes

Condominium complexes have issues beyond that of a single residence. Parking lots need to be patrolled, pools need to be secured for the night and association rules need to be enforced. We patrol parking lots and will boot cars if asked to do so. We also check all common areas in residential complexes.

When it comes to protecting the homestead, we're all different. Let us know what security you need for your residence, and we'll be glad to assist you in any way we can.